About Us

Houston Steel Building specializes in prefab metal buildings. Steel building prefabrication is the process of individual components of a structure being made in a factory and shipped to the site location for construction. These prefabricated metal buildings offer many advantages that conventional building methods just cannot compete with. Steel building prefabrication has achieved significant technological advances. As a result, instead of all the prefabricated steel buildings looking exactly alike, now customers have the option to customize each building such that is practically impossible to tell the difference between a prefab steel building and a non-prefab steel building structure.

As a leading Houston prefabricated steel building contractor, we can now customize your prefab steel building, from the size and dimensions all the way up to the types of custom doors and custom windows you want to be installed according to your commercial steel building project requirements.

Our buildings are simple, easy to construct, able to be rapidly built and also extremely affordable. As a prefabricated steel building contractor in Houston and the surrounding areas, we offer the most competitive steel building prices that meet the requirements of your companies budget. For a complete list of Steel Building Services in the Houston Area, please visit our steel building services page for more details.